Video Premiere:Rosie O’Sullivan Shines With “Take Me As I Am”


Hailing from Birmingham, England, it is fair to say that Rosie embraced music at the earliest age. Brought up with the rousing sounds of Motown, Soul, and the vibrant styles of the sixties, she not only listened but immersed herself in the unique energy of the music, leaving a lingering influence on her own style and sound.

With singing a major part of life for Rosie, she also turned her inspiring ambition to the piano and saxophone, playing both from the age of eleven. Even then she was honing her craft and musical ideas, with a voice able to reap the success of her explorations.

The past decade has seen Rosie continue to blossom as an artist, singing with The National Youth Choirs of Great Britain and in the BBC Proms in both 2011 and 2012, whilst earning a Bachelor of Music Performance Degree at The London College of Music.

Words echo the bond between singer songwriter Rosie O’Sullivan and her listeners; a union of audience and artist. Whether in live performance, through video, or music, this link reflects the way Rosie writes, sings and performs from the heart.

With a fullness of passion for not only her music but equally for the sounds and inspirations, that have nurtured and helped shape her musical imagination.

After her run on Britain’s Got Talent back in 2013, Rosie O’Sullivan continues to prove her vocal superiority with her upcoming single.

“Take Me As I Am” is a song about accepting yourself, asking others to love you as you are and is an anthem about finding the will in yourself to truly love yourself unconditionally.


Considering the hyper-focus there seems to be about finding reasons to hate yourself, or reasons to doubt yourself and everything you are capable of, we love hearing this superstar’s powerful vocals behind such an empowering and significant song.

And considering she’s come such a long way from her BGT days, this star has truly come out on top — her tremendous and astounding journey through her.

We cannot wait for others to be able to listen to Rosie’s powerful, all-consuming voice encapsulate this incredible song.

And considering this song will be in the hands of the public on July 12, we cannot think of anything better to kick off our summer with — a song directly meant for those of us struggling to find acceptance within ourselves.

So we’d like to take a second to thank Rosie, too, for giving her fans a gift that goes beyond simply singing for the sake of singing. It takes a ton of courage to create a song that reaches into the souls of listeners as well as this song does.

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